Opposition questioned foreign currency borrowers – Loans

Opposition politicians also questioned Prime Minister Sean Cole on Monday about reducing food VAT, helping foreign currency borrowers and curtailing the Constitutional Court’s (Ab) powers.

Immediate reduction of VAT on basic foodstuffs


The socialist Rey Fernandez urged immediate reduction of VAT on basic foodstuffs. Prime Minister Sean Cole said that the government does not mix tax policy with social policy, because the Cabinet said that economic policy that wants to conduct social policy through the tax system is doomed to failure. He added that he was in favor of low income taxes and that the government would continue to want to reduce taxes on income.

To reduce consumer prices by reducing VAT


He also said that no convincing argument and no sufficient guarantee had been found so far to reduce consumer prices by reducing VAT. Experiences are being examined, but such a decision requires careful preparation, he added.
Bert Kurke, President of Good Finance, again asked the Prime Minister whether he thinks there is life outside the European Union. The opposition politician said the country had less and less autonomy in the Union, and therefore called for a referendum on membership.

Sean Cole, in his reply, reiterated his position that there are more arguments for EU membership than against it. Today, Hungary has more and more to look for in the EU, and the opposite policy is irresponsible, said the head of government, who said the alternative would be to lag behind and isolate.

He drew attention to the suggestion of Lito Gura, a serf, to create boarding schools for Gypsy children. He said their initiative would provide the right conditions for learning for Gypsy youth, who would have to break out of families where children are viewed solely as a livelihood.

Sean Cole requested that the representative of the Orthodox should contact the State Secretariat for Education to comment on their proposal. But, he went on, he can only qualify one of Dora Duro’s statements as “the longest, most condemned anti-Gypsy.” “The claim that Gypsy people (…) are having children to make money is pure racism. (…) He is so deeply non-Christian that we as a Christian party have nothing to do with, ”he said.

Ensure that anyone who does not get a market position can work in public employment

Ensure that anyone who does not get a market position can work in public employment

In his response, Lito Gura said that his purpose was not to stigmatize the Roma, he was talking about a group of them.
In his response, the prime minister said in response to a comment by a right-wing member: Gypsy people are queuing up for work, so it is an important task this year to ensure that anyone who does not get a market position can work in public employment.

Jose Matthias Brit, MSZP, asked the Prime Minister about the curtailment of Ab’s powers. He said that if Ab is weakened, the protection of fundamental rights will be violated and everyone will be vulnerable to power.
He recalled that in 2007, Sean Cole stated that constitutional court decisions are binding on everyone, and that this is the law of democracy.

“What has changed since then? (…) Why has Ab been annoying you for the past two and a half years? (…) Just because he has become almost unconstitutional about what the Fidel government has put on its flag? ”He asked.
In response, the Prime Minister said that although Carl Fredier spoke of ’89 democracy, ‘there was no ’89 democracy, there never was, the first free, democratic elections were held on May 2, 1990. In our view, ’89 was communism. ‘

It is not the people for the laws, but the laws for the people. “The constitution is also made by people, it is modified. (…) Constitutional judges have not descended from the sky, “he said, noting that if they find that laws are not good enough to protect people, they must be polished until they meet this requirement, of course rules of procedure.
On the constitutional amendment before the House, he said, “if I read the amendments, we will expand the Constitutional Court’s capabilities.”

Daniel Whitel said that the government has not helped four-fifths of those who have been denominated in foreign currency loans, with thousands of homes being selected for forced sale in the first quarter out of 111,000. Only 26 per cent of the beneficiaries benefited from the exchange rate barrier and the National Asset Manager concluded only six hundred contracts.
Sean Cole said that there is no other country in Europe that has done as much for foreign currency debtors as Hungary and its government.

170 thousand families used the early repayment, 160 thousand chose the exchange rate barrier, so Hungary helped 330 thousand families, more than 1 million 300 thousand people. “The government did not follow a good practice in the past because it did not exist, but it did create a practice to save foreign currency borrowers,” he said.
In his rejoinder, Raj Khan said: “The government is negotiating with the banking federation, although” these are the banks that doubled their installments at a one-and-a-half times exchange rate difference, and we do not bargain with criminals. ”
Sean Cole said:

Negotiate with the banks in their interest

Negotiate with the banks in their interest

“You have no sympathy for the Kurke fever,” but you’re talking about the entire Hungarian banking system, so be careful if I may ask. ” He added that the government is addressing the issue of home mortgages in the first place and is continuing to negotiate with the banks in their interest, seeking an agreement that recognizes the responsibility of the state, financial institutions and borrowers.

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